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Ability to create several internal teams with specific team members#188

It would be great to have the ability to create and name internal teams (e.g. HR, sales, etc.) with specific team members assigned to each (and possibly the same team member being assigned to multiple internal teams) and then have the ability to select to which collections that particular internal team will have access.

For example, assume you have 6 team members (aside from main admin) and 15 collections. I may want:

  • person 1 and person 2 to be part of a team that only sees collections 1-3
  • person 2 and person 3 to be part of a team that sees collections 3-7
  • persons 4-6 be able to see all collections

Current - right now, once I invite a team member, that user is automatically part of the team and can see everything unless I go into each collection and assign/change permissions specifically for that team member/user. Depending on the number of collections involved, this could be quite time consuming and “painful” if I ever want to make a change.

Ideal - the ideal (for me at least) would be the option to assign that team member to a specific “internal” team. Once I invite the team member, I get a notification when the team member accepted the invitation and created login but that team member does not see anything until I grant further permissions. Alternatively, instead of notifying me when the invitation is accepted, the selection could also be when I am creating the invitation - i.e. allow me to select upfront the internal team to which the user should be assigned (once the invitation is accepted). The second option would then show me all the collections that the selected/assigned internal team can see and allow me to confirm (and unselect if needed) specific collections that the new user should or should not see.

2 months ago